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'Poppen' Workshop : My Creative Portfolio



This creative portfolio incapsulates my work in the creative industries throughout the years. 

 About 'Poppen' 

Good morning, hello or good evening. I hope you’re doing well.

If you’re one of the few VIPS reading this, it means I’m planning to charm you with my creativity, overwhelming enthusiasm and filmmaking ‘talent’ .






 The last two years have represented a significant role in my professional development. I was hired as a Junior Production Assistant by the biggest Television company in Romania and now I’m working as a full-time journalist and editor for another Television company, everything while still thriving in university. I am now only moments away from getting my Bachelorette diploma and ultimately, some other months away from starting my postgraduate course at Royal Holloway University where I’ll be expanding my skills in film production.

I believe that my professional background in photography, writing, journalism, and production, could be a great asset to any filming crew I’d be a part of, both professionally and academically. I’ve recently been accredited as a trained photographer with the help of a professional course which improved my skills, instincts, and eye in filming.

Frankly, as anybody else I love a good story, I grew up writing, reading, and watching science-fiction and fantasy stories but I do have a tremendous amount of passion for documentary filmmaking. I have been working on many short documentaries for the past 2 years and I must admit that two of my favourites are ‘You can touch me’ and ‘Life in Press, a Romanian experience’. ‘You can touch me’ is a documentary that discusses the culture of Romas, an ethnic group which has been significantly marginalised and discriminated among the years.  ‘Life in Press’ is an experimental retrospective regarding the press world in Romania, my home country. The documentary rewinds and analyzes the political corruption media uses to make money off of them but also how the Romanian press revealed what happened behind some sad stories that have turned out to be criminal cases. What inspired me to create both documentaries, is the work of Alexander Nanau, a Romanian and German director who captures the Romanian journalists investigate what caused so many deaths after the tragic fire at the ‘Collective’ club.

After further theoretical studies regarding cinema, I am looking for a job layout that will encourage me to expand my area of knowledge and expertise, contributing to the practice I will be taking part of. Several modules I’ve studied in university have become quite relevant to the career path I’m aiming to follow. My skills in original and adaptation scriptwriting, film marketing, microbudget and documentary filmmaking were all key factors in my complex understanding of the bigger picture a filmmaker must grasp in this industry.

My experience in Television and media has given me skills one can never learn in university, such as team and time management, significant leadership qualities and the ability to be fully efficient during stressful times. As many other young filmmakers, I’ve easily become infatuated with filming studios. I was hired two times by the biggest Television and Media company from Romania where I started as a Junior Production Assistant for the project Masked Singer Romania. Ultimately, the role of production assistant has changed me drastically, I am now better organized, calculated and imposing. Although my experience in production has made quite an impact on my professional skills and qualities, my practice as a journalist and screenwriter at the company I’m currently working for, improved the way I balance what I’m visualizing with what can be done to achieve the closest result possible. My main duties revolve around writing stories and graphics whilst finding and editing the complementing visual material such as photos, illustrations and videoclips.

Furthermore, I volunteer as a producer and editor for The View Magazine’s Rebel Justice podcast. The podcast’s aim is to raise awareness on how women all over the world are let down by the justice system. One of our project’s latest series speaks about immigration, and how media has been hiding how poorly they are being taken care of. My role’s duties are various, and they include managing The View’s social media platforms, editing, and producing new podcast episodes or series.

Recently, I’ve felt inspired on my trip to Lisbon where I visited the Puppet Museum, where I found a layout design for a stop-motion animation made from nothing but carton and paint.  Eventually I adapted the layout to my personal style and now I’m creating CGI layouts and stop-motion animation handmade studios and characters out of recycled materials and clay. 

Even though stop-motion animation is no longer current, I want my work in this direction to captivate the public through digital processing of the obtained raw material. My project’s objective is to bring back to life old practices which will innovate the concept of digital animation.


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